The pillows department

Today I got an idea of just how lucky I was that fateful day when I was assigned to the housewares department at the store. It turns out there’s something to what everyone kept telling me about how awesome our area is and how all the other ones suck. In housewares, you have a wide, double-sided counter with four registers, two wrap stands and, when it’s busy, company. Our manager is always pleasant and helpful and very understanding. You don’t have to fold much because kitchen appliances come boxed.

It’s not like that everywhere, and not even in the rest of the home department. Other areas have towels and sheets that need folded and re-folded and folded again because customers simply have to see just how big they are and what the solid color looks like all over the thing before they decide against buying it. Sure, I get annoyed when people insist on opening boxes and then not purchasing them but the towels, good Lord, the towels. It never ends.

Today I got placed in the pillows department. It was the first time I’d been sent to a different area for the whole day, and it was miserable. I forgot how helpless feeling it is to have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about what you’re supposed to be selling. That said, I’ve learned a LOT about housewares and feel much more confident there than I did two months ago when I started. Good God, I’ve been at the store for two months?

The pillows department does not have four registers; it has one. It doesn’t have a wrap stand and you’re ringing up giant, fluffy, cumbersome purchases on a table smaller than most kitchen islands and there’s no bags in stock and everyone wants to know which pillow is the best of all the pillows, and no one else is anywhere near you for you to ask and you feel as though you’ve been banished for not knowing enough about the German knives.

So the pillow department, or Siberia, as I like to call it, is not a good time. And I’ll be back there all day on Tuesday.

That said, I’m glad I still have a job. But I am feeling more and more ready for that beautiful, glorious God-sent full time Chicago job to come my way. Keep rooting for me?