Return of the Green Monster

With a new year comes new promises to one’s self to work out more, eat better, etc. For me, that means two things: a revival of the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and the return of the most repulsive looking drink on the planet: the Green Monster.

I discovered these last summer as a way to sneak leafy greens into my diet. Blend up a bag of baby spinach, toss in some berries, or a banana or other fruit to cover up the taste of the main ingredient and you’re good to go.

I got a blender on sale from work and some of these cold beverage travel cups and starting smoothing. I made some today to take to work in the morning. They are really thick, but if you stir them with that straw they are just like any other smoothie you’d get from a coffee shop or something.

Spinach and frozen berries with a splash of orange juice

6 thoughts on “Return of the Green Monster

    • I’ve never added yogurt, but I’ve heard that’s good too. I stick to juices like orange and apple. People are crazy about adding almond milk, but I’ve yet to venture there.

    • This one was a whole bag of spinach (6 oz, but several handfuls) and half a bag of frozen berries. I also added about a fourth cup of O.J. at first to get the spinach to blend. If your kids don’t look at it you may just be successful. 🙂

  1. They kinda (more than kinda) look like poop! That being said, I am going to make my own this week! I’m going to use almond or coconut milk and I’ll let you know how they turn out 🙂 Good luck with your New Year goals!

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