A low-budget craft project

There was a fun Facebook meme going around and I got caught up in it:

Since I am broke, I used materials I already had (cardstock, glue stick) and made seven versions of a paper craft that I later framed. I mailed them out Monday afternoon.

I found this design online and re-created it with the paper I had:

Source: mixedplateblog.com

Christina had given me some  4 x 6.5 cardstock post card pieces I used as the background. I cut out the birds from brown cardstock, seven pink ovals and two different shades of green leaves. First I glued down the ovals and then added some silver puffy paint to make the vines. I’d already had the paint from when my roommates and I decorated Christmas stockings. When the paint dried, I added the birds and leaves.

I went to the dollar store and found some nice black frames that came with white mats. Then I went to Target to buy some bubble mailer envelopes and packaged the framed pieces in bubble wrap. Christina commended me for my strong faith in the U.S. Postal Service and my belief that all six glass frames would arrive intact. Here’s hoping. I also bought a bag of Valentines’ Day themed Reese cups and put a few in each envelope. Before mailing them out, I bought some Chicago post cards and wrote a note to each person.

Here’s the break down of my costs:

  • Frames: $6.60 ($1 each, plus tax)
  • Mailer envelopes, six pack: $4.58
  • Bubble wrap, 2 rolls: $2.20 ($1 each, plus tax)
  • Reese cups: $3.49
  • Postcards: $1.65 ($0.25 each, plus tax)
  • Postage: $17.52 ($2.92 each)

As you can see, postage was the biggest expense, but I didn’t really see a way around that.

I mailed out six, to the first five people who commented and an additional one to my friend Rachael, who commented later and offered to exchange a jar of her homemade jelly for a handmade piece of mine. As someone who has had jelly made by her before, I was not about to turn her down.

I saved the worst one for myself, and of course, by the time it occurred to me to write about this, I’d already packaged the better looking ones. But anyway, here’s the final product:

The glue rippled this one at the top at little

I am not normally a fan of assembly line crafting, but I will say all seven turned out a little different. I hope the recipients like them and that those picture frames hold up while traveling across state lines.

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