Will edit video for food

The co-worker I mentioned who had to leave the department store to go take care of his mom is coming back. Hooray! He is the knower of all things housewares and a fun person to work with. It’s too bad I’ll only get to work with him for a couple days before my time at the store is done. I’ve basically been taking on his hours in his absence, and soon that won’t be necessary. I have one day scheduled for next week.

My manager told me he’d recommended me for a position should one open up, but that’s certainly not a guarantee. Meanwhile, my emails to my editors at the paper have gone unanswered. So last week I took matters into my own hands and individually emailed 16 other editors whose papers Christina had deemed to be located within a not-insane-driving-distance. Some got back to me and said they have all the starving freelancers they need, thank you very much. But a few others were interested and I’ve been added to their lists.

One in particular called me back the next day to talk to me about video. I told her I didn’t really have any formal training, but had been thinking about going to grad school for video production because I’ve realized it’s my passion. She appreciated my honesty about my background and offered to help shape my work and make it better. I was a little taken aback, because my other two editors never really said much whenever I turned in a story and/or video. They just posted it, usually as-is, and I got paid. I thanked this new editor for giving me a chance, and she gave me a story for the next day.

I went to a library in a nearby suburb to interview the library director as well as high school students who were there studying for finals week. I turned in the video with a story, but they haven’t been posted yet.

With freelancing as spotty as it is and with my time at the store dwindling, I am on the verge of another freak out. My car’s almost paid off (done in May, yay!), but I am still paying rent, cell phone bills, car insurance, etc. And those bills just keep on coming, for some strange reason. Don’t they know I don’t have any money?

I think it’s time to stop buying groceries.

In other news, things are going well. My roommates are keeping me sane and I have actually made a couple friends at the department store. I am trying to be as productive as I can be and just know that no matter what happens, I tried my best. I don’t want this experience to involve any regrets.

I really hope I find something. I don’t want to come home yet.

2 thoughts on “Will edit video for food

  1. What about something PR related? You should do a search on indeed.com using these terms (if you haven’t already): communications, public relations, video, etc. – anything relating to anything you’d consider doing! Are there any meetups with people who enjoy videography or video editing? Or maybe going to a free or inexpensive networking event?

    • Indeed has been my primary job-hunting site, and I definitely think it’s the best. I’m applying for journalism, PR and video jobs but I know I am not qualified for the video ones. Meetups are a great idea! I will look into it.

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