A couple more bumps in the road

Today is my three month anniversary with the city of Chicago. I can’t believe three months ago I waved goodbye to Columbus and made my trip to my new home.

I budgeted for three months’ survival without a job. I underestimated the cost of simply existing here, so it’s a good thing I got hired at the department store. I got hired on for a project with an online newspaper that was supposed to start yesterday, but it got postponed until late next week. I was kind of banking on the income from that work to pay my bills next month, so it’s a little scary that this week the money I make will consist of one shift at the store and a freelance gig Thursday. I am just about hosed but trying to stay optimistic. I’m also trying to spend as little money as possible until next week, which is kind of a fun, weird game.

Grad school for video production is sounding more and more appealing, but I am still trying to determine if a degree is going to be necessary for my career. If I can get by with just the skills I am learning now and by teaching myself new programs than it might be a waste of time and money. Or, will I never get hired for my dream job because I don’t have the right education background?

When I was feeling really down a couple months ago, I took myself to see a movie and felt a million times better. I was going to do that yesterday but I knew I would just feel guilty for spending money on a movie. At least I still have Netflix, and I watched “Penelope” last night on Eileen’s recommendation. It was pretty cute, although I still don’t see the appeal of James McAvoy.

I am taking myself for a walk. Because it’s free, and I don’t get to explore my city often enough. Plus, it’s 30 degrees and not too windy today, which as my dad said, means it practically feels like spring.