A home office

Beautiful desk with a beautiful bay window view

For whatever reason, we don’t often use the front room of our house. We tend to congregate in the kitchen or the living room, which are almost one in the same because they open up into one another. But the front room, or the library as we call it, has stunning floor-to-ceiling bookshelves completely covering one wall, and a spacious desk nestled right in front of a bay window overlooking a small city park.

This morning, I decided to make this my temporary new office space. Productivity is up about 600 percent from yesterday already, when I just moped around, half-heartedly researching grad school and left the house only to get milk and go for a walk in the midst of cabin fever/depression. Maybe a desk is a good thing for me after all, despite what I said earlier this week?

Also, I have another freelance job Saturday morning. I already made a couple calls about it. That’s right, from my home office. It was pretty awesome.

Meryl Williams, freelance reporter working from home. That’s got to be in my top five dream jobs at least, but I’m pretty sure it was prefaced with something like, “This one will only work out if I am also married to someone fabulously wealthy.”