Freelancing away

This past week I covered two assignments for a new paper, bringing my total of suburbs I’ve covered to five. This Thursday, my daily video project is supposed to begin after getting postponed last week. I have another assignment tomorrow afternoon, and it sounds pretty cool. It’s about a high school kid who was chosen to play in the Grammy band, and he’s going out to LA soon for a week for practice.

I went out on a date last week, and you can be sure it’s going to be a while before I do that again because it was a disaster. But still, first Chicago date? Check. At least I got to see “The King’s Speech” out of it. I’m just going to be a lot more reluctant to give a guy my number next time because the constant, uncomfortable texts are only just now winding down. Also, did you know AT&T charges you $5 a month if you want to block a phone number?

My friend Christine is coming to visit in a few weeks. She’s coming for Presidents’ Day weekend and we’re going to visit the Shedd Aquarium. Maybe I can ask if she’d also like to visit the free zoo I’ve become so fond of? I’m kind of a lame person to visit right now, because it’s cold and I’m poor, but I can’t tell you how happy I am that these friends are willing to come all the way here to see me. BC and Christina were going to come earlier this month but C got horribly ill days before the trip. We’re planning on rescheduling for spring when hopefully everything will magically be better on all counts.

I met a friend of my uncle’s for lunch last week. She was a very kind, humorous and generously helpful woman and I was glad to meet her. She worked for the Chicago Tribune for many years but is now retired. She offered a whole slew of job sites I haven’t been looking at and encouraged me to reach out to media outlets directly. We’ll probably meet up for lunch again soon, and I’m looking forward to it already.

I dressed kind of professionally to go meet her and I thought how nice it was to wear a regular office outfit instead of my department store all-black, or my pajamas. Sad, I know. Then I realized the outfit I was so excited about was easily something I’d be wearing to a regular day at my old job, any old time. I certainly don’t miss some things about working at my old office but I think I do miss the normal feeling of getting dressed for work and leaving the house to be somewhere at a certain time. Then it also occurred to me I should probably be dressing up for my newspaper gigs, which I haven’t been, so maybe that problem’s solved.

I'm pretty sure I've lost weight even though I've done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Old me would so want to punch new me in the face for saying that.