Putting a lot of eggs in one basket

Last week I got called up for my first job interview since I got here, or at least my first full-time, for realsies job. I don’t want to say what for, because it’s probably in poor taste to boast about an interview that has yet to take place or result in any kind of offer. But if you’d like to know more, call or email me and I will happily gush in great detail.

The interview isn’t until next Wednesday, and I’m going crazy already. This news may have come at the best possible time because I have been feeling borderline-depressed about my situation. Some encouragement, even a call for an interview, is like God’s way of saying “You do not entirely suck. Your resume is not a complete piece of crap that you are aimlessly sending out into the world via the interwebs.” Or at least that’s how I like to think God talks to us.

I’ll spare you my usual “I’ve been here three month and what have I got to show for it?” whining and wrap this up. Please send me some good vibes/thoughts/karma/prayers my way. Because I’m going insane.