Interview: Check

My job interview was yesterday. I think it went pretty well, and everyone I met was really pleasant and helpful. I was asked to email them my references, which I did yesterday when I got home. I also emailed all the people I’d listed to give them a heads up that they might be contacted, and one of them let me know they got an email from the company today. So it sounds like they are working pretty fast, which I hope is a good sign. I am on pins and needles now because I’m afraid I’ve really gotten my hopes up.

The office seemed pretty relaxed and laid back, and you can wear jeans to work if you want. The vibe of the place reminded me a lot of SNP’s newsroom, which would be great, because I really missed that after I left. The people I saw working there seemed young and happy and a guy who gave me a demo of the work I would be doing seemed to like it. Everyone said the same thing about the company: they liked it there, it was a lot of hard work but in a fun environment.

Also, an update on my iTunes dilemma: I found a way around it and used a program called Senuti to get all of my music from my phone into iTunes. Hooray! No music lost. Thanks everyone for your offers of both mp3s and advice. Please disregard that giant list of music below.