In a word, thankful

And relieved. So two words. There is a God, and I don’t think he wants me to be completely miserable. Today I was offered a fact checking position at Groupon, which I readily and over-enthusiastically accepted. My prayers have been answered, and I don’t have to come home after all.

I feel so lucky and happy and amazed at my sheer, dumb luck right now. It feels good.

I start a week from Monday, which means I get to go to Caldwell (and Columbus) next week like I was hoping. This is pretty much the best case scenario: I got hired, AND I still get to come home for a visit. And when I get back, I’ll have a job to begin.

So Caldwell folks, look out: I’ll be in town Tuesday and I’m leaving either Saturday or Sunday, depending on whether or not I’m working at the department store. Yes, I still want to work at the department store.

It’s been a wild and crazy ride. Thanks for cheering me on and coming along with me via this blog. My life here is actually about to begin and it feels amazing to finally know that for sure.