From Autumn to Ashes, “Autumn’s Monologue”

I’ve been thinking about some random songs from high school lately, including this one. A sentence I wrote in a short story recently reminded me of a line in this song and I realized I hadn’t heard it in years. I used to drive around, newly licensed, listening to this and feeling it with every fiber of my angst-ridden 17-year-old self. A three-disc mix of CDs my high school friend Ashley burned for me is to thank. She had awesome taste in music I never would have heard otherwise.

Listen to this song and remember how it felt when you were young and utterly heartbroken for the first time. It was when you were absolutely certain at any moment you’d die from betrayal, unrequited love, etc. All you could do was hope to never feel that way again. This song still leaves a knot in my stomach, even though I’m not at all who I was then, and I know better now than to think it will never go away.

Also, apparently this band’s other music sounds nothing like this, it’s just angry, screamy death metal noise. It’s crazy.