First week going well

I’ve had my first few days at work this week and I am feeling pretty good about everything. Monday was orientation at an off site location with a LOT of other people. Like, a hundred. Not all in my department, but throughout the company as a whole. Yesterday was my first day in the office and in the morning I had department-specific orientation followed by some training in the afternoon. Today I did some of my first fact checking and I should be getting some feedback on it tomorrow.

While our company handbook doesn’t specifically say I can’t blog about work, they are very careful about how the company and its culture are represented. Since they’re pretty guarded, their name won’t be mentioned here again and will be written about in general terms. With that out of the way, my department has access to a sweet free gym! I plan on hopping a ride with Christina to a bus stop at 7 every morning and working out before 9. We’ll see how long that lasts. We can also sit on those big yoga balls at our desks if we want. We have free pop, bottled water and Gatorade and there’s Kuerig coffee makers all over the place. We can wear jeans to work and everyone is within a couple years of my age. I think. I’m kind of bad at guessing ages. But they are young, seemingly not miserable and friendly. However, we work really hard so I haven’t had the chance to really talk to many of my co-workers. Apparently a lot of them go out together after work on Fridays so maybe that will be my best bet at the end of my first week.

It’s all very exciting and energizing. I know my workload is going to be heavy, pretty much all of the time, but I am so glad to be working there. Not just having a job, which I needed so desperately, but one I am really enthused about. I hope this feeling stays because it would be nice to care this much about what I do every day.

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