The turning-25-blues

I will turn 25 on Monday and that has me feeling weird about a lot of things. Mostly, however, I am feeling weird about not knowing how to spend it. I am big on birthdays, and shamelessly big on my own. Last year, I threw myself an entire birthday weekend because it was my first one being single in five years and I was terrified it was going to suck. It didn’t.

This year isn’t going to suck, I don’t think, it’s just going to be remarkably understated. Maybe that’s fitting, since at 25 one should probably stop acting like they are the only person with a birthday and making others celebrate with you as such. No one here is going to even know it’s my birthday, because the only way anyone knows it’s a person’s birthday is through Facebook, and about 95% of my Facebook friends live in Ohio. I added myself to my work’s birthday calendar, but because there are so many of us, it’s literally someone’s birthday almost every day, even in my department alone. Also, I don’t think anyone checks the calendar; people just look up whenever someone sends out an email saying, “My mom sent over a million cupcakes for my birthday, come by my cubicle and get one.” So unless I spam the department with a memo promising baked goods, it’s not likely to be a blip on anyone’s radar.

My dad’s spring break from college is this week, but it’s too short to come here to visit. Last year my family threw me a pizza party in Columbus and he showed up as a surprise. However, the logistics of a surprise visit to Chicago are a little bit much, so I’m pretty sure his weekend trip to Hocking Hills is not just some clever ruse. And that’s okay, he deserves a break.

This is all very woe-is-me but really, today was a pretty sweet day. I got my Illinois driver’s license this morning since my Ohio one expires Monday, and I am making friends at work. Also, I bought myself a Groupon for a mani/pedi, which I have never had before but always wanted. Happy birthday to me! I’m also pretty sure I’m going to treat myself to a stop at this bakery called Angel Food that I saw profiled on “Chicago’s Best” a couple of weeks ago. Mmmmm, mini birthday cake.

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