Birthday week concludes

Birthday cannoliiiiii

I ended up having one of the best birthdays in recent memory, thanks to my thoughtful, caring roommates. They planned a whole slew of surprises for me between Sunday and Monday, from a birthday cake made from a plate of cannoli topped with yellow candles, to a bubble bath complete with a custom playlist of Passion Pit and Sufjan Stevens (two of my current audible obsessions), strawberries and champagne, and personalized reading material (Writers’ Magazine; a glossy dedicated to indie filmmakers; and lots more). I think it may have been their way of making me relax for once. No complaints here.On Monday morning, my birthday, Christina texted me at 6 a.m. and said probably I should wake up. I’d been planning on getting up by then to go to my gym before work, so I did. I stepped out my door and saw a tall stack of wrapped gifts on the chair I usually sit at in the kitchen. My jaw dropped.

“I thought yesterday was my birthday celebration,” I said.

Mousie paradise

The gifts all had a theme, but it took me opening a couple to figure it out — a small blue bowl, a ball that appeared to be made of hay, and finally a giant, colorful mouse cage. The rest of the packages contained the things my future pet mice will use in their new home. I was so excited; Christina said she didn’t mind me having mice in the house (in said cage) so I’d been looking forward to having pets again. I’d talked about wanting to get my old mice back from Rebekah in Columbus, who took them off my hands last summer when I moved in with Owen and Jamie but I hadn’t taken any action on that plan. I’m getting a pair of female mice this weekend. We’ve already decided we’re going to call them Pinky and the Brain. It’s been long enough that that’s not cliche, right?

Even my lunch friends at work remembered I said the week before when my birthday was and got together to sign a card for me. Thanks to everyone who wrote on my Facebook, texted and called me for my birthday. Thanks also to Christina, Pam and Jamie for sending me birthday cards and gift cards so I may gorge myself on both books and movie theatre popcorn. Finally, a special thanks to Stacey for this baby: