Planning a busy spring

This week marks two special occasions: On Monday the city of Chicago and I celebrated our six-month anniversary together — Chicago forgot, but it’s okay, because so did I. Additionally, Thursday marks two months at my job, and the conclusion of the fastest two months of my life. I know I’ve accomplished a lot in this time, but I can’t help but sometimes feel like I’m having a hard time fitting in. Not just at work, but here — in a new city after a long and at times lonely winter. That just gives me more hope for the spring, the time of year when Chicago supposedly comes alive and steps out the front door, breathing in deep without its collective lungs aching from the shuddering winds passing by. We’ve had a couple days of Actual Chicago Spring, but I heard yesterday that this has been the rainiest April the city’s seen in years. So, April’s shot. But May! We have high hopes for May, I tell you.

Now that I am employed and relatively settled, I’ve made it my goal to do the kinds of things I did LAST spring, after Brandon and I broke up and I needed distractions, and lots of them. Basically, I am joining a bunch of ambitious crap. I’m also (albeit not completely on purpose) avoiding making the same mistake I made my freshman year of college, and I’m actually taking the time to make lots of girl friends before getting all wrapped up in a boyfriend and HIS group of friends.

Last week, I attended a Team in Training meeting because I’ve spent a long time now thinking, intent on the idea of running a 5K in memory of my mom; but, it turned out Team in Training doesn’t really mess around with silly little running events like 5Ks. I was nearly half-crazed enough to pledge to raise $1,000 and run a 1/2 marathon in September when my well-meaning dad talked me down by reminding me how much I actually despise running. So, I’m starting smaller and going back to the whole initial 5K idea, preferably one that isn’t until July or something so I’ve got time to train.

I’ve signed up for some filmmaking Meet Up groups, and I just signed up to attend a screenwriting workshop in a few weeks. I also joined a co-worker’s book club which means I’d better stop by the library soon to pick up my first monthly selection for the group. The co-worker who invited me was probably the person I got to know and like best at work, and so naturally her last day was Friday. She was my desk mate, who I mentioned in an earlier entry. I’m sad I didn’t get to know her better sooner because despite my almost immediate foot-in-mouth moment with her, we ended up getting along just fine. I’m glad her last day wasn’t some time last month because I might never have known how awesome she is. Plus, now I’ve got a book club full of other interesting people to look forward to meeting.

2 thoughts on “Planning a busy spring

  1. Sounds like you have some nice little activities lined up! Love that you are considering doing a 5K, a great goal! Check out the Couch 2 5K program… makes running a 5K a very attainable goal! I have even used the program to get me started back to running a few times.

    • Your endorsement is a ringing one, that’s for sure. I have the Couch to 5K app on my phone and every once in a while I’ll get a week or two into it before giving up. I suck. But no more! I am determined… and also in need of better running shoes. Ouch.

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