All work and no blogging

So one good thing about unemployment was all that time I used to have to blog about being unemployed. Yup, that was pretty much the only good thing about it. I hate that I only blogged a handful of times last month, and I wish I didn’t have to sleep.

Things are going pretty well. I have been feeling incredibly stressed out at my job because I kind of thought that by now I’d be better and faster at what I do and we’re all kind of struggling to live up to pretty high expectations not to mention we’re all competing with one another to be the best — BUT: I am still extremely grateful to be working and living in Chicago. Also, I’m having a pretty good week so far. Today I got praised for something I did and that really did wonders for my morale. No, seriously. It made a big difference.

A week or so ago a big group of my improv friends came to the city to perform in the Chicago Improv Festival. I saw their show Sunday and they did really well. It was nice and kind of surreal to see them all again, in a completely different context than the last time I saw any of them. They all wanted to know how I liked it, and if I was doing improv here; I’m not, but it’s fun to think about. Scary, but fun. A lot of people at work do improv so I’ve had a couple opportunities to see shows and talk to people about it. I did like my improv class and obviously I adored the people, but I wasn’t sure how cut out for it I was. It’s something to think about.

Last week I read “Save The Cat!”, yet another book about how to write (and presumably finish) a feature-length screenplay, a feat I’ve read volumes about but have yet to actually accomplish. Considering I hardly have time to blog anymore, I just don’t know how I’ll manage to finish my screenplay. I really want to do it though, and I know if I schedule time to work on it the way I schedule a workday or working out at the gym every morning I can make it happen.

The weather is so nice here this week. It’s the first real, spring-feeling week and the trains are unbelievably hot and crowded. Already! It felt like it was freezing a week ago. They say spring is a short season around here. I walked up Michigan Avenue this afternoon to run an errand and there were crowds of people all over the sidewalks, crossing the streets, obliviously staring at maps on their phones. I was one of them this time last year, when I visited the city with the improv folks. I already knew then that I was going to live here, but it’s a lot different now that that’s actually true. I love it here, and sometimes I’ll catch myself grinning like an idiot walking down the street, looking up at surrounding buildings. Maybe I’ll be broken of this habit after a bird craps on me some morning, but for now, it’s fun.

This is the first month I’m really noticing the park across the street from the house, too. All winter it was desolate, but now it’s buzzing with action, with people playing softball and soccer and kids climbing all over the playground, parents watching. I walked over there and read for a while one Saturday morning when it was warm out, but that day it was still pretty windy. I’m still unsure if it ever stops being windy.

This weather is also bringing to life my new favorite attribute of the beautiful house I live in here: the upper deck. My dad said I’d like having a deck come summer and he was right. We’ve got a decent set up going on, with comfortable chairs, small tables, ample reading material and baskets of sunscreen and nail polish. It’s going to be like that all summer, and I can’t wait. Now if only we could find a cordless blender.

Here’s a call to those in Ohio who wanted to visit but I said to wait: come now! The city of Chicago has thawed. It’ll be fun now and much less treacherous. I even kind of know where I’m going.


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