State of sway

Also, this was one year ago this week:

It’s still by far one of my favorite videos that I’ve made. I never did properly blog about that trip across the country but having this video to remember it by makes up for it, lack of dancing abilities (on my part) be damned. Also, I can’t wait until my hair is that long again.

Here’s the original “Where the hell is Matt?” video to put ours in context:

A formal affair

My company hosted a fancy thing the other night at which cocktail wear was requested, and I decided to combine two of my favorite film fashion moments for the occasion. I took two parts Holly Golightly…

Elbow gloves, cigarette holder, fake diamonds

… and one part Penny Lane:

Shiny blue dress, blonde curls

…And ended up here:

It's go-time

It’s fun to have a prop. However, it led to me getting more comparisons to this than Audrey Hepburn:

Minus the puppy killing

And my friend Tyler insisted that I resembled Lady Bird Johnson, which I hope was influenced primarily by the elbow gloves, because she was not an attractive woman: