A week of lists

It occurred to me a few days ago that this week (tomorrow, actually) marks the 3 1/2 year anniversary of this blog’s start. Because I don’t trust myself to notice the date’s significance six months from now, I’ve decided to celebrate now, because that’s a long time to narcissistically chronicle one’s own life for all the internet to see.

This blog started with a series of lists (hence the old “Making lists of other lists” tagline you see up top) but these days most lists I post are music-related. So this week I’m going back to this format with a new list each day.

Today’s list is my First Chicago Summer To-Do List.

  • Eat a Chicago hot dog (I can’t believe this hasn’t been crossed off yet. Don’t even start with me, Dennis.)
  • Go to Taste of Chicago
  • See an outdoor concert (Iron & Wine, Millennium Park a few weeks ago!)
  • Go to at least three two outdoor festivals (I’ve got one down so far — Rib Fest two weeks ago; May Fest doesn’t count because I never actually made my way into the festival)
  • See what the zoo looks like without snow on the ground
  • Eat a pizza puff
  • Go to Hot Doug’s
  • Eat at a Soup Box while it’s also an Ice Box
  • Go to the beach (I’m not counting my brief Monstrose Beach stop)
  • Fireworks at Navy Pier
  • Bike in the city by myself (haven’t worked up to the whole “by myself ” part yet)
  • Go to Ravinia
  • Visit an arboretum
  • Architectural boat tour on the Chicago River (or other boat tour)
  • Go see a movie in the park (the park across from my house participates!)
  • Visit Happy Village bar & beer garden in Ukrainian Village
  • Picnic with Daniel Burnham and my roommates in Graceland Cemetery
  • Ride each L line at least one

There’s more that I know I’ve said I’d do that I can’t remember, but let me know if there are any glaring oversights.

Happy half birthday to The Sleeper Hit; if my blog was a college student it’d be getting ready to graduate.