Top Five Dream Jobs

Today is not only the 3 1/2 year anniversary of my first blog post; it’s also my four-month mark at work. That might not seem like a long time, but believe me, within the context of my company’s history, it kind of is. In the spirit of this, I present today’s list.

I found this list I made last summer of my Top Five Dream Jobs (having just re-watched “High Fidelity” at the time). I was getting ready to leave my job in Columbus and applying for every journalism and video production job in Chicago. Here’s what I came up with ten months ago:

  1. PR for a zoo or animal rescue organization
  2. Coffeeshop / bookstore owner
  3. PR for the American Cancer Society
  4. Film critic
  5. Accomplished screenwriter

I don’t think these were in order of preference because I’d way rather be a film critic than do PR for a zoo. These all still sound pretty good, but I have to say, I’m about a million times happier now at work than I was at my old job. And I think I’d rather be where I am than suffering through another PR job, no matter what it was. So, much like John Cusack choosing owning his own record store over being an architect or something, I think I can say I’m working at one of my top five dream jobs.