Top Five Trips

1) London, Scotland and Wales, 2005; Family trip. The last trip we took together before my mom got sick. Got to see Abbey Road and eat horrible, horrible English food.

2) Quebec, 1997 (?); Family trip. The thing I best remember is the monorail that went from the upper part of the city to the lower part. Also, I ate lobster for the first and only time in my life.

3) Colorado and San Francisco, 2010; Traveled to Colorado with Brandon to see our college friends Doug and Chandra. He headed back to Ohio and I went on to San Francisco to spend a week with a childhood friend.

4) Cross-country drive to San Diego, 2009. Drove from Columbus, Ohio to San Francisco in three days with my friends Eileen and Liz to help move Eileen out to be with her boyfriend. Made a sweet video (see a few entries down).

5) Moving to Chicago. Not really a vacation, because it hasn’t ended, but it’s been a pretty awesome adventure thus far.

My family at Abbey Road, 2005

Liz, me and Eileen on a day trip to LA

First Chicago hot dog: the adventure continues.

2 thoughts on “Top Five Trips

  1. I made the top 3! That was a pretty awesome trip 🙂 you’ll have to come out again and we can watch season 3 and 4 of True Blood in one night 😉

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