A little goes a long way

If you’re my friend of Facebook you may have been witness to the collective gasp that was the reaction to my suddenly being listed as “in a relationship”. (Thanks for the vote of confidence, guys.) How could you have not known about this, you asked yourself? You, who reads my blog sometimes? The truth comes out — I don’t blog about everything. But he’s been around for a few weeks now, so the whole thing seems worth mentioning at this point. Long story short, we work together, he’s funny/cute/awesome, and you’d probably like him.

We did part of a musical exchange this week, in which he gave me a couple gigs of new music from his iTunes library including Frightened Rabbits, Cut Copy, Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s, Mountain Goats, old school Rogue Wave and much, much more. After that I started making a playlist of albums for him from my library. I’ve been threatening to make him listen to Rilo Kiley for a while now, and so this is the conversation we had today when I brought this playlist up.