Things I fully intend to blog about

Dear friends and family,

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am simply living out the busiest (best?) summer ever. My job is insane right now, I sleep four to six hours a night, I routinely bite off more than I can chew, etc. The usual excuses I offer for prolonged gaps in blogging, but I swear it’s all true.

So, here’s what you’re missing, and I truly plan on writing about these themes and events before it gets too cold out that I’m far too miserable to post. Just kidding. That won’t happen, right?

A list:

  • Revisiting my Chicago Summer To-Do List and all that I’ve accomplished.
  • How I’ve seen more live music this summer than I did in all of 2010.
  • An update on the boyfriend.
  • Getting to know my city much better and even kind of understanding where I am most of the time.
  • Meeting new people and developing the most normal life I can in Chicago.

Meanwhile, I’m doing really well. If I could blog more easily from my commute, I totally would, but instead, I read in order to upkeep the too-many-book-clubs I’ve committed to.

So, hold tight — and remember, you can always call and ask because that’s probably a lot quicker than waiting for me to hastily write before going to bed way too late. Best wishes!

3 thoughts on “Things I fully intend to blog about

    • This month I read a book called “Norwegian Wood” and “A Visit From the Goon Squad.” Up next is “The Magicians,” by Lev Grossman and “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”. I’m also reading “Friday Night Lights” on my own and hoping to start “The Hunger Games” soon!

      • I’ve wanted to read “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” since I heard NPR do a story about it with the author. I think it was on Fresh Aire if you want to find it on iTunes. It was a fascinating interview.

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