Ohio Agenda

Because I am insanely excited, I’ve planned out my trip home with Kevin almost by the hour. I’m not dumb enough to believe it will be carried out flawlessly or is set in stone, but tentatively, this is what’s happening. If you’re not on this schedule and wish you were, I am open to suggestions. Some days are less full than others.

9 a.m. Leave Chicago
6-ish p.m.: Arrive in Columbus!
6:30: Dinner with Joe & Jessie
Stay with Brian and Cary

Breakfast at Tim Horton’s! Oh man.
9 a.m.: Visit Short North. Park on 4th street by my old apartment, walk down to North Market (open at 9), then back up to check out Surly Girl (open at 11). Unfortunately, Jeni’s doesn’t open until noon.
12:30 p.m.: lunch with Dennis and Steve by SNP
After lunch: tour Clintonville
7 p.m.: Dinner with Columbus/Muskingum friends at Aladdin’s in Dublin, including Abby, Stacey, and hopefully Christina, B.C., Dean, Rachael, James and Becca.
Stay with Brian and Cary

9 a.m.: Breakfast at Spinelli’s! How I’ve missed Spinelli’s.
9:30 a.m.: Drive toward Caldwell.
10:30 a.m.: Stop at Muskingum on the way! Spend all of five minutes covering the entire campus via car.
12 p.m.: Lunch with Dad and LeeAnn, hopefully Owen, Jamie and Hannah
Spend the afternoon in Caldwell, showing Kevin such sights as Caldwell High School and the square.
6 p.m.: dinner at the famous Sandwich Shop.
Hang out with Britt, Steve, Cindy, Leah, etc. that night.

Morning: visit Owen and Jamie and Hannah, if not the day before.
Hang out with Caldwell friends.

Daytime hike with Dad and Kevin
Visit with my uncle who’s coming down from Cleveland
Hang out with Caldwell friends that night.

9 a.m.: Head back to Chicago
10 a.m.: Stop in Dover to see my grandpa
12 p.m.: Lunch in Cleveland with Jessi D.?
7-ish p.m.: Arrive in Chicago.

Yay! I can’t wait.

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