One Year Later

A year ago today, I packed up my car with two bags of clothes and winter coat. I was heading toward my aunt’s mother’s house in Glenview, where I’d been invited to stay for two weeks while I found another place to live and, hopefully, a job. I was fully prepared to stay in a hostel because I was skeptical I’d find a landlord willing to let me sign a lease with my zero dollars’ income, so I packed light. Luckily, instead of a desperate landlord, I found a friend willing to lend a hand.

Cut from the same cloth, Christina knew my situation better than I did and, after a couple cans of Old Style at Tuman’s, a wonderful friendship began. Here I am still, and it’s thanks to her, as well as Cass, my dad, my family and my friends. Your support has meant everything to me for the last year, and I hope you know it.

To celebrate, I’ve created a video montage of the last year as well as a Facebook photo album. Take a look back with me and see how far I’ve come, despite myself.

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