Chocolate Whiskey & Beer Cupcakes

My friend Laura and I decided to make these cupcakes this weekend. She wanted to make something for a guy she has been seeing, and I wanted something fun to bring to a party with Kevin’s friends Saturday night. She found the recipe, and although it sounded complex, I knew they’d go over well with both our audiences. If ever there was a manly cupcake, this is it: Guiness in the batter, whiskey in the center filling, and Bailey’s Irish cream in the frosting.

We used a vegetable peeler to core them.

After letting the cupcakes cool, we cored the centers and filled them with the whiskey chocolate filling:

You could reallllly taste the whiskey, so easy does it.

Laura expertly filled them:


Laura’s roommate helped us out and mixed the Bailey’s frosting:

Bailey's and powdered sugar-y goodness

And then her roommate iced them. I’d love to learn how to ice/frost cakes better.

Zip-lock bag, in lieu of piping equipment. Worked like a charm

And this is what we ended up with:

The final product

I haven’t heard yet how they went over on Laura’s end, but I know everyone who tried the ones I brought over last night seemed to like them. They were pretty time-intensive, but it was so much fun to make them with those two ladies. An afternoon well spent, and with something fun to share after.

Here’s the recipe. It made two dozen, although you could probably also make a dozen giant cupcakes. They’re VERY rich, though, so smaller like ours might be the way to go.

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