Not Born to Run

Yesterday, in a moment of temporary (?) insanity, I registered for a 5K race.

Some of you may remember that last spring I briefly considered training for a half-marathon in memory of my mom, but decided against it because a half-marathon would probably murder me. But the sentiment was there — I’ve wanted to do a 5K for a long time, and I even put it on my bucket list last summer. It’s just such a shame that I hate running so much.

I’ve been running as part of my workout regimen for a few months now, and while I will always prefer the elliptical, it’s getting easier to run. Which is good, because I have six weeks to train before my race May 12. It’s the day before Mother’s Day, my dad pointed out.

I set up my fundraising page yesterday. The organization asked for a minimum fundraising goal of $120, and after posting it on Facebook yesterday, I had over half of that goal met in three hours. My friends are amazing and generous, and I feel very lucky for that.

Speaking of fantastic friends, Laura (who told me about the event, since she knew what happened to my mom) and our friend Amy are running this race with me, for which I am extremely grateful. The idea of running my first 5K alone in a cloud of faster runners’ dust is a little too much for me. Those two ladies aren’t super competitive and just run for the fun of it, so I am glad they’ve got my back in this event.

This is proving to be kind of an emotional week; my ear surgery is Friday, and while I’ve successfully put off thinking about it for the last few weeks, that came to a screeching halt at some point this morning. I am scared and freaked out, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it, other than hope the time between now and Friday evening goes as quickly as possible.

Saturday is my mom’s birthday, and even though we never really do anything to recognize it, it makes me feel sad that I’ll probably be asleep that whole day, post-surgery. But she doesn’t know it’s her birthday, so maybe it doesn’t matter that I won’t, either.

Like I said — kind of emotional.

I really don’t want to get this surgery, but I know I have to. And grown-ups do things they have to, even when they are awful. There’s no point in getting upset about it. Please think of me this weekend!

And once I’m recovered, it’s back to training. Please share any of your 5K stories in the comments below.

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