Moving forward

Our living room/sun room

Kevin and I are moving to a new apartment together this Sunday, just four blocks or so from where he lives now. While we can’t agree on which cable/internet package to get or where to put any of our furniture, we agree we are excited to start this new chapter in our lives.

He asked me if I’d move in with him a few months ago, and I was surprised but excited. Tuesday was my 18-month anniversary of moving into the house with Christina and John, and while that chapter of my life is coming to a close, I don’t like to say that it’s ending. We already have a grown-up slumber party planned for a weekend in June. I hope there will be many more after.

The house I’ve lived in since the second week I moved to Chicago

Kevin found the new place one Saturday morning walking around the five-block radius we were hoping to move. I was in our favorite coffee shop doing some work, and he came back and brought me to see it. The owner of the building happened to be outside doing some landscaping and he offered to show us the place. We applied that day. Not bad as far as apartment searches go.

He’s been living in a studio apartment for the last year, and I’ve occupied a bedroom in a house with some stuff being stored in the basement, so between the two of us, we really don’t have a lot of worldly possessions. This is good for moving, although it does mean our place is going to be pretty bare at first. We’ll hopefully be scouring yard sales for the rest of what we need.

I am so lucky I met Christina on Day #4 of my Chicago experience. She and I were talking last week about the day we met, and it occurred to me that when I went to the bar to meet my potential roommate, I was under the impression that I needed just that — a roommate. A place to live. But now I can see what I really needed that day, scared, bewildered and lonely, was a friend. She asked me the standard get-to-know-you roommate questions, but after that, she dug a little deeper about what I was really doing here. Some people feel affronted by probing questions from strangers, but by that point I felt like I already knew her and I was so relieved to have someone to talk to who genuinely seemed to care. That kind of friendship doesn’t start every day, and I can’t imagine where I would be right now if it hadn’t that day.

Moving in with Kevin is exciting. It’s a little scary, and sometimes it feels a little soon (we’ve been together 11 months) but I feel so happy when I think of us sharing a place and doing dishes together, going grocery shopping, commuting to work. In truth, we do this stuff together now as it is, but we’re planning a future together now. I can’t wait for it to start.

The dining room (the orange is now painted over with white)

Hallway: Front door at left, bathroom and living room at right, bedroom straight ahead

Not a lot of kitchen/counter space, but we’re working on it

I’ve never lived anywhere with a buzzer before. I am irrationally excited about this big-city feature

4 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. Super exciting! And lucky you have a fireplace. Can you use it or has it become decoration only? I’ve never managed to actually buy furniture outside a matress. All our stuff is hand-me-downs. Ahhh mix-and-match living!

    • Sadly, it is decorative only. But it’s pretty! It actually has an electrical outlet in the bottom of it, randomly…? Ha. The only furniture I’ve bought has been Craigslist furniture so I am not exactly on expert.

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