A Mother’s Day Weekend Tribute

They gave us free fake tattoos!

I ran my first-ever 5K this weekend. It was hard, but it was a lot more fun than you might think running in the rain for three miles would be.

On this Mother’s Day, I pay tribute to my mom. She would have been proud of me and she’d have liked the lovely people I did this event with. Amy and Laura stayed by my side the whole time, ever patient with me as I slowed down at times (several times), catching my breath, and they cheered me on as I gained the will to continue running again.

Waiting to start

This race was an emotional event for me, and I am so glad I did it. So many people there wore shirts with the faces and names of loved ones who lost their battles with brain tumors, and those still fighting. It was touching in a way I have a hard time describing, and don’t even ask me to tell you what it was like to cross that finish line, hand-in-hand with friends just as the rain really started to pour.

It was beautiful. Pure beauty and warmth, despite the very-real chill in the air that early on a rainy day at Montrose Beach.

I dedicated this race (and my T-shirt) to my mom, and a friend’s sister, both of whom lived and died with brain tumors. They passed away within six months of each other four years ago.

In loving memory

I couldn’t have done it without Laura and Amy. I am so glad I did this!

Amy, me and Laura: May 12, 2012

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