This Summer in Photos

Our first date was at Rib Fest 2011 on June 12, so we went to the 2012 fest the weekend before our anniversary. We were much more comfortable stuffing our faces with barbecue this time than last year.

Taken on our actual anniversary, by the Chicago River.

A collage I made as a decoration for our house warming party in late June.

I made a couple strings of these pennants, too. They and the collage are still hanging up at our place.

Coasters for the new place, as decorated by our friends.

Just be glad this post is not all photos of Kevin making me breakfast and plates of food, because it totally could have been. So much breakfast made, all summer.

Me at Goose Island, after Kevin picked me up from my Megabus trip.

Me with Brianne, at the Death Cab for Cutie concert that took place during Taste of Chicago in July.

My dad and LeeAnn visited in July.

On vacation in Arizona: the red rocks of Sedona.

Fun driving a UTV around in the forest near Flagstaff.

Freaking bear cubs! At Bearizona, an awesome park.

Kevin, at sunset, near San Diego. Maybe a favorite pic of mine.

Tim and Eileen, by the ocean.

Our friends brought this bear with them as part of a workplace program to get travel photos of the office mascot. Here he is, riding the CTA.

Kevin, the bear, and one giant armchair.

Buckingham Fountain, which we took our visitors to see. I am always surprised by how big it really is.

Me with a new hair cut. Happy end-of-summer!

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