New Year’s Resolutions: 2013

I didn’t really post any new year’s resolutions last year, so I don’t have any to reflect on this time. But, I’m still optimistic about 2013 and hoping it brings us all good health and success. Or at least not any more doctor’s appointments than we absolutely must have.

Resolutions for 2013:

  • Take ASL classes: I’ve been talking about my wish to become a translator for months, so I am finally taking action. Kevin and I are registered for an eight-week beginners’ class, starting Feb. 6. I met our instructor today, who is deaf, and an excellent lipreader and translator.
  • Take fiddle classes at Old Town School of Folk: No action planned on this one yet, but the school is right there in our neighborhood, and conveniently next door to The Grafton, my favorite neighborhood pub. You can rent instruments at Old Town, and a friend recently told me that for every class you DO rent, you earn yourself a credit toward the purchase of your own instrument from their store. Can’t beat that. I’ve never learned to play an instrument before, aside from failed piano lessons at an early age, but I am encouraged by my musical cousins as well as my friend Brianne, who is adventurous enough to take classes in whatever she may be interested in at the moment, and be fine with whatever does or does not come of it.
  • Perform in a local live-lit event: I’ve been interested in Chicago’s live literature scene since first learning about it this past summer. There are so many opportunities to get up in front of an audience and read a personal essay, and I am absolutely terrified of the idea of doing so. But I am determined to do it at least once in 2013. I have several essays in various states of completion and I have no more excuses.
  • Put more money into savings: This is on every New Year’s Resolutions List I’ve ever made. Why is saving so hard for me to do? Hopefully it will be easier this year without all of 2012’s hospital bills.
  • Lose 15-20 lbs this year: I joined a private group of Facebook friends, and we’re all motivating each other to stick to our fitness goals. I also have free classes waiting for me at both Bloom Yoga here in the square and at a gym in Lakeview, so I am looking forward to taking advantage of those. I start Level 1 Yoga at Bloom on Saturday.
  • Blog more: 2012 was about as infrequently documented as the latter half of 2011. Naturally I blame Kevin, because I’ve had a little less time on my hands for posting since we started dating. But I do think it’s important to take time for myself to write every week.

Do you have any aspirations for 2013 to share?

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: 2013

  1. Meryl, I love it when someone takes action and actually does what they say they are going to do! Very admirable. I wish I could teach you ASL! I was fluent, however, became quite rusty with lack of use. Good luck on your fitness goals. And fiddle classes sound like a load of fun. 🙂

  2. @Sarah, I am totally down with your resolution! 🙂
    @Peggy, a tuba would be hard to transport for sure.
    @Jessica, thank you! It’s awesome you learned ASL too. I hope I can become fluent.

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