A bigger budget

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 6.00.32 PM

My Indiegogo campaign ended last week, and I raised $760 of my $500 goal. Technically, I raised $860, because a family friend contributed offline.

This is the breakdown of how that $760 is dispersed, per an email from Indiegogo last week:

“Dear Meryl,

Congratulations on raising funds for your Indiegogo campaign ‘Expand 60625’. …

Summary of Funds Raised on ‘Expand 60625’:

Total Amount Raised: $760.00

$760.00: Amount Raised by Credit Card
– $68.40: Indiegogo Platform fee (9.0%)
– $22.80: Payment processing fee (3%)
– $0.00: International wire transfer fee
+ $38.00: Credit Card Goal Completion Refund (5.0%)
= $706.80: Net Credit Card Funds”

So I ended up paying around $53 in fees, but now I have the funds to accomplish the goals I set, and then some. I can invest in a better camera than originally planned, and order more items from Vistaprint than expected.

This is the camera I am hoping to get. It’s around $400, when I thought I’d only be able to afford a $150 one.

That leaves me with around $400 to order stuff from Vistaprint, pay my graphic designer, and hopefully buy some gift cards from area businesses to give away as prizes to readers.

Thanks so much for everyone who contributed to my campaign. I am so lucky to know you and have your support!

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