A black & white affair


At some point in December I decided to host a winter party. I’d read this book called “The Night Circus,” which was about this completely black-and-white-themed circus that operated after dark, and the descriptions were so lovely and beautiful. It was a fitting winter book, and it seemed to me to be a fitting winter party theme.

About a month in advance I started a Facebook event page for it, saying only:

“It’s going to be miserable in mid-January. The least we can do is dress fancy and drink champagne punch.”

Preparations began early this month. Stef and Sarah helped me plan decorations, a photo booth area, and dueling black and white cocktails stations. I asked the wife of a work friend, a talented baker, to create a special cupcake for the event. She made two dozen espresso cupcakes with almond espresso buttercream frosting and fondant flower decorations, and they were a huge hit.

Thanks to Jess for the photo.

Thanks to Jess for the photo.

Five days before the party, I started to get a sore throat. Determined to be well by the party Saturday, I downed orange juice and vitamin C. I did as much as I could to prepare for the party throughout the week, cleaning the apartment and getting groceries. But, the day of the event, I knew I was in trouble. I got up early, took some DayQuill, and went to the grocery store to get sparking wine and punch ingredients. I felt like I was going to pass out from the effort of traveling two miles and navigating the seemingly encroaching isles of Jewel.

I left after finding only half the items I came for and drove home carefully, feeling slightly in a fog. I told Kevin what had happened and he told me to take it easy. After an impromptu three-hour nap, I asked him to take on some extra duties.

He and Stef went to the liquor store for me to get punch and cocktail supplies; Sarah came over shortly after and prepared all of the food for me. She and Stef proceeded to completely decorate and transform my apartment, and Kevin made us all dinner just before guests started to arrive.

I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends.

I felt fine during the party itself, having somehow managed to rally for the occasion. I had to excuse myself to blow my nose hideously now and then, but I still looked nice in the dress I bought specially for the night, something I never, ever do.

It was such a fun party, and I loved going over the photos from the photo booth the next morning.

Thanks to everyone who came out! I am already daydreaming about a birthday party in March, possibly to Kevin’s chagrin…

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