Budget update for 60625

My 60625 Vista Print order

My 60625 Vista Print order

As I posted earlier, I raised a total of $806.80 for my news site. I’ve made some expenditures and have a couple more planned. See below:

Budget available = $806.80

  • Vistaprint items: $252.24
    500 business cards
    20 coffee mugs
    50 thank you notes
    50 oval stickers
  • Graphic design stipend = $50
  • Facebook ad budget = $50 ($28 spent so far)

Thanks to Christina, my friend in Columbus, I managed to dig up some massive online coupons for Vista Print. I got $10 off my business card order and half off the entire order.

Yet to spend:

  • Camera, plus case, spare battery, and memory card = ~$485

I am really nervous about buying a $450 camera online and having it shipped, but it’s just doesn’t seem to be cost-effective to buy it at a camera store here. I know I need to bite the bullet once I find the best deal I can online.

Once I get the camera, I’ll have less than $50 left. With this remainder, I plan to put my own money toward a couple things:

  • Gift cards to local businesses as prizes, spending $50-100 (The Davis, the Book Cellar, Provenance, Wanderer’s Refuge, Cafe Selmarie, Jafer’s Sweets, Maria’s, Golden Crust, First Slice)
  • A 1-¼-inch button maker for $190; this is something I can split the use of among my other small-business-owning friends. We plan to host a button-making party and take turns hand-cranking buttons. I have a larger size button maker already, but clearly the 1-¼-inch ones are more trendy.

Sunday I wrote thank-you notes to my donors and sent them business cards, and, depending on their donation level, some 60625 stickers.

I totally underestimated how heavy 20 coffee mugs would be, by the way. I’ve been carrying them home on the train four-to-six at a time.

One thought on “Budget update for 60625

  1. I’ll bet you could sell 60625 merchandise. I’d buy a mug, for example! Or a t-shirt. Think about it as an option for your readers. You might even be able to get sponsors from local businesses to pay for them with their names listed on the back for advertising. It would be cheap for them!

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