Two years in

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Two years ago today, I went on a first date with a guy from work. We went to Rib Fest (note: my idea, not his – do not judge him for this) and ate pulled pork sandwiches while sitting on a curb talking, followed by a long walk up Lincoln to get gelato.

We started our new jobs at our company on the same day. I saw him at an orientation of over 100 new employees and introduced myself to him the next day at our new office. I’d see him now and then in the halls and we’d say hi, but it wasn’t until three months later that he recognized my name on a sign-up sheet for a project at work. He volunteered to be partnered with me, and we sat and talked at my desk long after said project was over.

I chatted him online at work for a couple of weeks after that, but it felt like he wasn’t really getting the hint. Finally, on a Friday afternoon, I visited him at his desk and asked if he wanted to go get coffee together. He’d probably prefer that I say he asked me, but I was quicker on the draw than he was.

Long-time readers of this blog may remember these crazy lists I used to make, all lists of qualities I was looking for in a new boyfriend after moving to Chicago. There’s one here and here, and the latter was written four days before our first date. Now, two years into this relationship, I have a few notes.


  • For once, I am dating a fellow writer. Granted, one who falls into the category of science-y types I tend to like (he majored in Biology), but one incredible thing about Kevin is that he is just as good with science as he is with language. Added bonus: We are excellent editors of each other’s writing.
  • We travel well together and indulge in the same road trip junk food and restaurant stops (Here’s looking at you, Arby’s. You and your beef and cheddars).
  • We feel the exact same way about “500 Days of Summer.” Anyone who says Zooey Dechanel was mean to not marry Joseph Gordon Levitt is a fool.
  • I wrote at some point that I wanted to date someone who loves pickles, since I hate them, and that way they’d never go to waste. Alas, this demand has not been met. It didn’t seem worth breaking up over though, much like the time I let it slide when he said the Postal Service was way better than Death Cab.
  • I also wrote that I wanted to be with someone who wouldn’t judge me for watching the entire second season of “The Office” in a one weekend. He not only doesn’t judge me — he joins me in this now.
  • I said I wanted someone who hates doing laundry but loves some other chore I can’t stand. He always washes the dishes and I dry them – it goes so much faster when we do them together. We tend to team up on laundry these days, too.
  • “I want someone who likes going to baseball games in the summer but whose life doesn’t revolve around sports.” Check.
  • He drinks the same amount of coffee as I do, so no judgment there. He also shares my ability to drink a ton of caffeine right before bed without issue.
  • We can tolerate just about the same level of apartment messiness.
  • Closed captioning on Netflix not only doesn’t bother him, but he watches things with captions now when I’m not even home.
  • He knows everything about me; he loves me anyway. Along those lines, we love each other the same amount, and that always seems like the hardest part to get right.

One thought on “Two years in

  1. Awww. I’m glad you two are so happy. It’s good to sit down and think about all the things that make you fit with a person. It makes little fights pale in comparison. Congratulations!

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