Bounce back

It’s been two weeks. I still don’t have a different job, but I’ve recovered from the shock of what happened to my would-have-been job by firmly sticking irons elsewhere in the fire. That’s what you do when it all falls apart. You watch some “Gilmore Girls” while your boyfriend orders your favorite take-out. You feel sad, and then you move forward with as much vigor as you can muster.

It’s hard.

It’s also hard to put your heart out onto the internet, and particularly hard when it involves admitting there’s something not right in your relationship. There’s a stigma attached to saying to another person (or people) that you’re struggling, and that it hurts and it’s hard work and sometimes you just feel awful.

What I learned in the last two weeks is that if your biggest problems are that you still have a job with benefits and you and the person you love more than anything on the planet can’t decide if this very second is the right time to get married, and meanwhile you’re only 27 and currently crazy about each other, things could be worse.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who reached out in the last couple of weeks, whether it was to send career condolences (farewell, newspaper industry!) or to offer couples advice. It meant a lot to me to hear from so many reporters and editors I respect, as well as women who’ve been in the place I am with their own careers and relationships. It helped to get your texts/calls/emails/Facebook messages in a time when I felt pretty lousy, and I hope I can someday lift you right back up. You guys are all awesome.

Some of you might not put out onto the internet your troubles because you don’t want everyone to know about them, and that’s fair — I decided a few years ago to just start putting it all out there, and it hasn’t made me sorry. I write for myself, but the medium I choose is always accessible to my friends and family.

Feel free to reach right back.

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