2013 Year-In-Review

I’ve done a year-in-review every year since 2008, with the exception of 2012*, which I am afraid I was too fed up with to reflect on at the time. 2013 was a little harder to write because, despite it being one of my 2013 New Year’s resolutions, I did NOT blog more in 2013 as hoped. Here’s looking at 2014. Meanwhile, this is a re-cap of what happened to me in the last 12 months (partially according to Google Calendar).

*Updated edit: Looks like I did write one for 2012.

January: Rang in 2013 with friends at Allie and Adam’s apartment. Hosted a fun black and white party. Took a knife skills class with Brianne and neither of us wound up needing stitches. Wrote some good pieces for my news site.

February: Began ASL classes, finally checking a long-wished-for item off my bucket list AND list of 2013 New Year’s resolutions. Met Dave Eggers at my local book store. Saw Sarah’s photography on display at a gallery in Wicker Park.

March: Turned 27 and threw myself a 20s-themed party. Wrote a fun story about beer bars and breweries in my neighborhood.

April: Signed up to read at a live lit event (also on list of New Year’s resolutions!) but name was not drawn. Giving myself brownie points for trying, while hoping it doesn’t take me another year to work up the guts to try again. Took a road trip with Sarah to Columbus, where she participated in a comic expo.

May: Joined Weight Watchers with a friend in effort to lose 15-20 lbs (a third New Year’s resolution), which I slowwwwwly accomplished (technically 14.8 lbs lost). Also joined a gym by my house. Teamed up with Sarah to create Beer Bingo. Attended Stacey’s wedding in Cincinnati Memorial Day weekend.

June: Celebrated two years with Kevin by taking a weekend trip to Milwaukee. Held my first yard sale and made like 30 bucks. Enjoyed the luxury of having an intern for 60625.

July: Was a bridesmaid in Eileen’s gorgeous wedding in Ohio. Celebrated Kevin’s 27th birthday at Long Room with friends. Visited Doug and Chandra in Colorado and toured some breweries.

August: Got really sad over the collapse of Patch and my would-be dream job. Kinda mentally checked out for a bit. Watched a lot of Netflix and “Breaking Bad.”

September: Held a fall party with a photo booth. Attended a press-only preview of the first Chicago Jeni’s Splendid Creams and got lots of free samples. Celebrated 60625’s first anniversary. Got really sick for an entire week as the temperatures dropped (but lost seven pounds!).

October: Took in a cat named Mango as a favor to a friend of a friend. Sheer joy ensued. Attended another Ohio wedding and shared Rachel and Ryan’s beautiful day. Got a short visit with my cousin, who stopped in Chicago on a cross-country tour stop with his band. Did a shoot at Vavoom Pinups with Stef and Sarah. Celebrated my third Chicagoversary.

November: Got really sick for second time in six weeks — not cool, fall. My dad turned 60. Celebrated Thanksgiving among friends days after making a really sad decision. Slowly let friends and family know.

December: Baked so much cake and made so much homemade candy. Enjoyed Thanksgiving Part Two with Christina and her boyfriend. Made the most of my time with Kevin. Spent a week-and-a-half in Ohio for the holidays, working remotely for part of it. Got lots of pictures of my nieces.

Rang in 2014 with friends at Allie and Adam’s apartment. Happy new year, all.