Odds and ends

I was going to try to write a funnier post about all the cliche things I need right now, like boxes of wine and/or Cheez-Its, but that really just doesn’t seem like the appropriate tone for this situation, now that it’s happening. I am not feeling great, and I have decided to just be okay with that for now.

It’s over, and it’s awful. We broke up last night and he moved out this morning. We dreaded the inevitable all day, and then we said very nice things to each other before falling into a pathetic heap on the couch.

Now, there is almost nothing in my bedroom, and I will be crashing on my own couch until my new bed is delivered Friday. I bought a new shower curtain today only to discover that I don’t own any curtain rings. I also don’t have any utensils or light bulbs or tools of any kind, and I am pretty sure there will be more of these surprises in the coming days.

I thought we had a decent record collection between the two of us, but it turns out only four were mine: A Frightened Rabbit album, Rilo Kiley, She & Him, and The National’s latest. And no record player, to boot. Maybe it’s not the most upbeat collection to listen to at the moment, anyway. That said, I’ve been seriously digging on a couple compilations (aka Spotify playlists) of break-up songs made by friends, so if you have anything to add, send ideas my way.

I had a pretty good day today on my own. I met a friend in the morning and then got my hair done, something I almost never do. When I came back he was still here grabbing stuff from the apartment, so we sat and ate lunch together. Then he left, and it was just me and the cat, who is proving to be an immense comfort in her own weird, furry way. I thought about taking myself to a movie, but went downtown to Macy’s instead to buy a single pot of eyeshadow that costs about 10 times more than I would normally pay for such a thing. I regret nothing.

I have late-night plans with a girlfriend, and then I’m hanging out with my old roommate tomorrow. I’m trying to make plans and keep myself busy, and out of this empty apartment. I’ll be fine eventually.

But in the mean time, seriously — feel free to send over that wine and junk food.

4 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. You’ll get used to the new situation and the look of your apartment sooner than you think. Try to come up with stuff to do or ways to change the apartment that you felt like you couldn’t do before. Also try taking up new hobbies (I’m quilting now, for example). You can learn anything with youtube and it’s amazing how obsessing over learning something crafty can take up your time and fill a void left by something else. 🙂

    • This is a belated reply, but you’re right, Rachel! I’ve had a lot of fun transforming my apartment and taking to the internet to find the most creative and inexpensive ways to do it. 🙂 How goes quilting? Not a bad thing to pick up in the winter.

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