Elliptical dance party playlist

Get abs like Gwen! (Photo credit: Huffington Post)

Get abs like Gwen! (Photo credit: Huffington Post)

This used to be a blog in which there were sometimes lists, and it has been a very, very long time since I posted one. See below my workout playlist, tailor-made for a 30-45-minute dance party on the elliptical. Maybe it translates to the treadmill, but I wouldn’t know, because I am a terrible runner.

It’s a mix of upbeat indie bands and Top 40 pop songs from before 2009, which is coincidentally the last time I paid money for music.

  • “Lights and Music,” Cut Copy: This is an ideal warm-up song because it’s got like a two-minute intro that builds up to a really fast-paced chorus.
  • “You,” by Atmosphere: This song has great energy and there’s a lot of swearing.
  • “I Think We’re Alone Now,” Tiffany: This song is so bad! I love it so hard, you guys. Listen to it. Tell me it doesn’t make you want to run/elliptical through the woods hand-in-hand with some hot guy/girl.
  • “Escape,” Enrique Iglesias: See above description. FEEL THE EMOTIONS.
  • “All of Me,” Tanlines: Dance party to-the-max foreverrr.
  • “Last Night,” Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole: This song is like six minutes long and has a slower tempo than the rest of the playlist, so I usually only play the whole thing on the days when I am just feeling lazy. Still has a great rhythm to keeping moving to, though.
  • “Shake It,” Metro Station: This song has a terrible, terrible message but damn is it catchy.
  • “We Can”t Stop,” Miley Cirus: Also definitely suggests questionable values/behavior. BUT DANG GIRL.
  • “Summertime Sadness,” Lana Del Rey: If this song doesn’t make you pull a muscle trying to keep up during your dance party, nothing will. Also, always be careful on the cardio equipment.
  • “The Con,” Tegan and Sara: See also “Closer,” and “Back in Your Head”
  • “What You Waiting For,” Gwen Stefani: I love me some Gwen in any and all forms. This one will not only make you go bonkers during your workout, it also contains the motivational line, “Look at your watch now, you’re still a super-hot female.” YES YOU ARE, Gwen.
  • “Pompeii,” Bastille: My most recent addition to this playlist, and one I kind of can’t help lip-singing along to at the gym. No one likes to be on the machines next to me anymore.
  • “Dancing on my Own,” Robyn: This song is just amazing in its own right but bring it to the dance party for best results.

So there you have it. Add Katy Perry to taste, and always remember to resist the urge to play it at full-volume because you only get one set of ears and hearing loss is expensive.


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