Odd jobs: A list

A friend recently posted a list of all the jobs he’d ever had, and it was a really interesting mix. He’s inspired me to do the same. I’m not entirely sure I have the chronological order correct, but the following is a list of all the jobs I’ve ever been paid* to do.

  • Roast beef specialist at Arby’s (first job ever — first and only food-industry gig)
  • Telemarketer, selling credit card fraud protection (note: possible scam)
  • Home health aide, trained to check the blood pressure AND heat up the frozen dinners of the elderly of Morgan, Guernsey, Muskingum, and Monroe counties
  • Hotel maid: Two summers at two different hotels. I was on my own at the first and listened to books on tape all day (including the LOTR trilogy — it was a long summer). The second hotel was of much nicer quality, and hired on my best friend weeks after me. We got to team up and clean rooms together on the days we were both scheduled to work.
  • At least three paid media internships during college: Two papers, and one radio station that never paid up
  • Newspaper reporter for a weekly paper, covering two Columbus suburbs
  • PR for a statewide labor union
  • Stringer for a chain of online papers covering Chicagoland suburbs
  • Housewares shop girl at Macy’s during first, and only, holiday retail season
  • Paid audience member for a locally-filmed “Judge Judy”-style courtroom reality TV show
  • Fact checker at a coupon factory, followed by data entry for said factory
  • Founder of a hyperlocal news site (*this is unpaid — very much so — unless you count me raising funds to expand it on Indiegogo)
  • Communications for an organization specializing in the fenestration industry

I’ve had a lot of volunteer work over the last several years too, and lots of one-time freelance jobs. It’s been a pretty interesting career so far for sure.

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