Ear Annoyance

Ever since the week of my birthday, I’ve been experiencing diminished hearing in my better ear, the left one. After a few days of this, I made a panicked call to my ear specialist’s office, because the last time that happened, it was because a hearing bone-eating tumor had shown up on my eardrum and I had to have a pain-in-the-ass two-part surgery to remedy the situation.

Call my gun shy, but I don’t take many chances these days.

My doctor got me in right away, but spent about ten minutes prodding around in there only to determine it was business as usual in my inner ears. I was, and am, relieved to hear that, but all he could say about my hearing loss as of late was to remind me that I’m almost certainly always going to have a bit of that. The two surgeries didn’t go completely as planned in the end, and so I will always have a bit of fluid in there that shouldn’t be, causing my hearing to fluctuate at times. He couldn’t say why it’s been happening so much lately, but if he’s not concerned about it, I guess I shouldn’t be, either.

It’s been tough though, because it does affect my day-to-day life, and it’s been particularly stressful to meet a slew of new co-workers under these unpredictable hearing conditions. Restaurants and bars are harder than they were before, and I’m constantly fidgeting with that left hearing aid to turn it up, only to realize it’s already at top volume.

I’m glad there’s no tumor, and I’m very glad I don’t need surgery, because after my Groupon benefits runs out April 30, I won’t have health insurance until July. There just doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to fix this, and that’s frustrating. It’s been a month, and while the loss isn’t constant, I also never know when it’s just going to dip out without warning.

Meanwhile, I’m glad I got into my doctor before losing my insurance, and again, he didn’t see any cause for concern. I’ll just have to hang in there for a while and hope the situation rights itself soon.

One thought on “Ear Annoyance

  1. How frustrating and scary! I’m glad you didn’t chance it and went in. Very true that at least it happened now instead of during your gap.

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