A more organized space

I love my room at this apartment. I’ve never lived in a place with a connected bathroom, and now I worry I will never be able to go back to what my life was like before. I get up around 5:30 a.m. these days because my winter hours at work are 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. (of my own volition). I love being able to get ready in the morning without worrying about disturbing Adele — to the point where I’ve recently ordered a tiny blue one-cup coffee maker for my desk. Starting this week, I can push a button, take a shower, and have a to-go mug full of coffee ready for my commute, all without turning on a light in the kitchen. (Shout-out to my step-mom for getting me a bag of ground Tim Horton’s for Christmas.)

I’d joke about getting a mini fridge, but the thought is too tempting. I’m basically living in a very twee hotel room, and it’s amazing. I knew it was fate when I toured this place and saw my would-be bedroom was already painted yellow.

I am doing an Apartment Therapy thing called the January Cure, an exercise I did with Becca last winter. You get emails with different tasks for bettering and/or cleaning your apartment, and you make your own list of tasks, fixes, or projects that you want to accomplish in a month — mine include making a large-scale collage to hang in my bedroom and re-organizing my clothes closet. One of the first emails instructs you to plan a get-together at your place so you’ll have further motivation to follow through on your plans, and I decided to plan a Galentines Day brunch on the afternoon of Valentines Day.

I didn’t plan an event last year, but the January Cure was really important to me during that time. it was the month Kevin moved out, and I used to the Cure to help completely re-invent the apartment as my own. Oddly enough, those last three or four months I lived there were the only ones during which I bothered to hang up my own artwork and really make that place my home. I didn’t know at the time that it would short-lived, but I am still really glad I did it.

This year is a little different since the majority of my stuff is in my room and bathroom, but I’ve been making great strides in those two areas. Some January Cure emails give you easy tasks, like spending three minutes de-cluttering a drawer of your choosing. Others are more involved, such as clearing out expired and unusable items from your pantry and re-organizing your kitchen cabinets. This weekend’s project was cleaning your bedroom. I am really proud of how mine looks now.

Bonus: While looking for a waffle maker for my Galentines Day brunch this weekend, Jaimi found this treasure at Brown Elephant in Andersonville:


It was only $3! I also found an amazing white Ann Taylor dress there — it has pockets.

I’m really looking forward to having a bunch of awesome ladies over for brunch next month.