A Working Winter


My byline, on the main page of HG

It’s been a busy few weeks. Since I last updated in mid-January, I’ve learned that I have to move unexpectedly in April, that I’ll be going to Portland again that same month with two Columbus friends, and that I’ve been accepted as a regular (paid!) contributor to a major online publication. It’s an exciting and scary time, and that’s not even including my roller derby progress — but that’s a post for another time (soon).

I’m also performing standup for the first (and likely last) time this week. I’ve really enjoyed my intro FemCom class, but like with improv, I’ve done enough to have a completely new level of respect for those who do it, and to know it’s not for me — and that’s okay. Our instructor is amazing and lifts us up while also taking the time to give each of us meaningful, helpful constructive criticism. I’d recommend the class to anyone.

Now: About this apartment business. Neither Adele nor I knew what we were going to do longterm, but we were both planning on renewing our lease for our place when it ends in April. We knew it was likely I’d be leaving the lease about halfway through, but we thought we’d cross that bridge once we got to it. Instead, I’m looking at one last move within the city of Chicago — a mere 10 months after my most recent one. The woman who owns the condo we rent is selling the unit, and so we’re out. I totally get it, but it still threw us for a loop. It hadn’t even occurred to me that she would want to stop renting it out, but I also don’t know a single thing about real estate in Chicago.

On Saturday I talked to Christina, my old roommate in Avondale, about the possibility of me moving back in with her and her boyfriend for anywhere from one to six months. I’m very lucky that she was open to this discussion. I’m still going to look for other possible sublease or short-term lease options, but I’m thankful she’s got my back if nothing else works out. It looks like I may need to make my longer term plans a little sooner than I thought.

In terms of less-stressful things in my life right now, I’m pleased to say my second piece was published on Hello Giggles this week — my first byline/paid essay. I’m now on their list of regular contributors and can pick assignments from an editorial calendar as well as pitch my own stuff. I’ve emailed my editor about a series on being a roller derby rookie, which I would love to see get picked up. Fingers crossed.

I continue to cover Albany Park for DNAinfo and write Chicago-specific lists, articles, and videos for Chicago NewsCastic. It’s crazy to me that I have four regular writing gigs these days, three of which are paid. I’ve been putting the extra money in savings on top of what I can save from each paycheck.

And finally, I planned a second trip to Portland for April 3-7. I thought I’d see the city during the rainy season, just to make sure it’s the place I thought it was when I loved it in the fall. By some luck, I’ll be traveling with friends this time — Stacey and Shane, two Columbus friends, were planning a Portland trip for February. When I mentioned I was going back in April, Stacey suggested we coordinate schedules. We’ll be sharing a really great airbnb that week in the Alberta Arts district. I don’t have a lot of my to-do list aside from a Rose City Rollers bout.

It’s been an incredibly busy 2015, and even though I know I do it to myself, I can’t help but feel like something else is at play here. Every time I decide to scale back on something, I’m given a reason not to. I had just announced I was giving up on sending pitches to Hello Giggles when they got back to me and put me on their roster. I’m not sure what the universe is trying to tell me these days, about much of anything. I just know the timing is right for what change is to come.

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