Branching Out

Recently, with Stef’s help, I started a TinyLetter for the Addison Recorder. This was mostly done so we could try to get traffic to our posts that isn’t reliant on Facebook, which tends more and more toward a pay-to-play model we can’t keep up with as a free site without ad revenue. It was fun to lay out, and really easy. Then, after the first Tiny Addison Recorder went out, I read this article, which discusses the merits of freelance writers having their own email newsletters. It got me thinking, and I decided since TinyLetter is so quick and easy, it could be worth my time to put my own out on a bi-weekly basis. And so, may I introduce The Sleeper Hit TinyLetter.


This new platform is not intended to replace this blog, but to supplement it. It will serve as a digest of things I write about here, on Hello Giggles, for other sites, what I post about on social media, and more. It will be a bi-weekly wrap-up, but it will also always include some new content I haven’t already posted elsewhere.

If that sounds interesting to you, sign up — the first edition goes out next week, in which I’ll be updating folks there about my life and upcoming move as well as my writing.