2015 New Year’s Resolutions: A Last-Minute Check-In


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Last month I took a look at the New Year’s Resolutions I set for myself in January and was pleasantly surprised – I haven’t done too bad this year. Definitely not 14 for 14, but that was a pretty ambitious number to set. Since it’s the first day of the last month of 2015, here’s an update:

  1. Do as many live lit shows as I possibly can this year
    • “As I possibly can” was a nice caveat to throw myself. In 2015, I did three live lit shows, but that’s still more than I did in 2014. Remember when I used to be too scared to get on stage and read my writing? I’ve had a lot of great performers around to encourage me to share my stories, and I’m thankful for them.
  2. Complete intro roller derby class at Derby Lite
    • Check! And then some – I went on to do Level Two at Derby Lite and now I skate with the Wreckers here in Portland. It basically shaped a big part of my life.
  3. Do Feminine Comique training
    • Done! It was a wonderful, terrifying experience, and I met a bunch of bad ass ladies through this February class. A DVD of my final performance exists, but no one has viewed it, including me.
  4. Volunteer marketing services to at least one nonprofit
    1. I came in real close on this one, but in the last month I volunteered some Instagram assistance to my friend Becky’s employer (a synagogue), and I am also reprising my role in volunteering press release writing and marketing services to Slow Roll Chicago for their toy/coat/bike drives.
  5. Bike 500 miles by year’s end
    • Hahahahaha nope
  6. Lose final 9 lbs for a total of 30 since May 2013
    • I haven’t weighed myself once since August, but I feel/look great. If I haven’t lost those nine pounds, they’re not troubling me.
  7. Re-visit ASL skills, even if just via YouTube video practice
    • I re-took a level one class with Christina this spring, since she was interested in learning. I bought a fingerspelling app in October but I need to use it regularly.
  8. Take an intro ukulele or fiddle class at Old Town School of Folk
    • While I technically have 30 days to buy a ukulele, I think this will be a very fun thing to try in 2016 when I’m not on book deadline.
  9. Mull over possible tattoo idea for at least six months
    • Much to my dad’s chagrin, I am 80% sure I’ll be taking the plunge in March, to celebrate my 30th birthday. I’ve had my design idea for a year now, and I still want it.
  10. Have the best Chicago summer ever
  11. Travel to visit Eileen and Margaret in Massachusetts
    • This is HAPPENING! Twice! Both in December! When I made this resolution I had no idea Stef would eventually move to Boston too, giving me additional incentive to go. In a week and a half, I’m flying there for a party at Eileen’s and I’ll be there again for New Year’s Eve with Stef.
  12. Write for DNAinfo, NewsCastic, and other sites as much as I can
    • While I no longer write for either of these local Chicago sites, 2015 turned out to be a huge year for me in terms of freelancing. I’ll be doing a summary/year-in-review on that topic alone in the coming weeks.
  13. Make a plan for better savings
    • Hmm. Well, there’s always 2016.
  14. Ring in 2016 from Portland, OR
    • I did it! I actually moved to Portland. I’ll be physically ringing in 2016 from the east coast, but that sure seems like a technicality.

How’d you fare this year?

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