2016 Freelancing Recap

This year in my freelancing life, I nearly doubled my number of bylines yet quadrupled my pay, and I exceeded my goal of getting published with four dream publications (I landed six). I met my TinyLetter subscriber goal and am setting a considerably larger one for 2017.

In 2016, so far I’ve had 52 paid bylines in 11 publications. In 2015, I had 38 in 8 places. Halfway through this year, I gave up writing for HelloGiggles for a variety of reasons, and decided to stop taking low-paying gigs. I also did some high-paying work for three corporate clients.

Thanks The Toast (RIP!) and, subsequently, a bigger Twitter following, my newsletter list got bigger this year. An essay I wrote was on the front page of Yahoo for a hot minute. In April, I had essays published in a literary anthology (Little Fiction | Big Truths) and the spring issue of Oregon Humanities, a prestigious literary magazine. This summer, a former editor at HelloGiggles took me with her when she got an editor gig at a breakfast site owned by TIME. In the fall, I had a byline in The Washington Post. I got to interview Gaby Dunn and Rhea Butcher, and I met Kristen Schaal.

My book goals fell through almost entirely when my roller derby career momentarily stalled, but I did complete a first draft. It was expertly edited and shaped by Liz Galvao, and a second draft will be in the works toward the end of 2017/start of 2018. In the meantime, I still plan to spend 2017 trying to get an agent.

To round things out, a list – since, again, that’s the format in which this site’s 2008 origins are rooted. Here are the published pieces I was most proud of in 2016:

Here’s to 2017! Happy writing.

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