Overusing semicolons since January 2008; The Sleeper Hit details my life as a multimedia journalist and overall adventurer. Over the last seven years of this site’s existence I have:

  • written, directed and produced two comedy web series
  • tried improv and stand-up
  • learned how to play roller derby
  • moved out-of-state (..twice)
  • started running
  • performed live lit
  • started a hyperlocal news site about my former Chicago neighborhood
  • coped with grief and the loss of a parent
  • became an aunt to two amazing little girls

I live in Portland, Oregon, after having lived in Chicago for five years. I grew up in southeastern Ohio, where I graduated from Muskingum University with a degree in journalism.

I love drinking coffee and craft beer, playing roller derby, and riding my bike.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting. Reached that 3-year wall, so to speak? I think things happen in threes. Three years is basically a time limit where it may become time to switch up, or change routines. If it’s become a job, then outside activities/goals become important. If it’s a career, then outside stuff should enhance it. If it’s a stepping stone, it might be time to take a leap.
    I am very glad I went to Chicago. Although, I don’t miss it so much. It occurred to me that I’d be retired and dodging bullets (remember to duck, Missy). I don’t know if I would have done half as well in any other city; Before Chicago called, I was on my way to (ick) CLEVELAND.
    What’s your new plan/goal/idea?

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