Considering a career change

So, I sort of got my wish and was mercifully rejected for that job sooner rather than later. But the e-mail from the executive producer who interviewed me sounded positive, and he asked that I look him up once I’m settled in Chicago. It sounded to me like I was a viable candidate and that maybe things would have gone down differently if I didn’t, um, live in Ohio.

Even though I didn’t get this job, it really lifted me up. I interviewed for a job doing what I love: video. When I applied for the position, it was on a whim; I didn’t really think I was qualified to edit a TV show, but someone else looked at my body of work on my online portfolio and thought otherwise.

I went to school to be a reporter. I did that for nine months before moving over to PR. There, for two years, I learned how to make it in public relations. But the whole time, from college until now, I’ve been training myself for a different career, one in video. It’s my hobby, but it’s moved over into my professional life in PR, and I made that happen. Maybe I’m giving myself too much credit, but I’m starting to think I’ve been preparing myself for this the whole time without even knowing it.

Additionally, the software the TV station uses is Final Cut Pro, the professional, expensive version of Final Cut Express, which I have been teaching myself. My interviewer even told me they weren’t that different and my lack of Pro training would not be an issue. That software purchase could turn out to be an investment in my future and I need to use this time to excel with it.

So, back to the application process. I’m trying to stay positive and hold onto the hope that something, somewhere is going to turn up, be it a hotel or a TV station. And if it’s got to be a hotel, may it at least be a fancy one.