In honor of the LOST series finale

This is another radio piece I did in college, way back when LOST was in its third season. That was after the craziness of season two, where ABC tried to cash in on their new found source of moneybags and pump as much advertising into it as possible. Remember those effed up Sprite commercials? Or that book Sawyer was reading that later became an actual book you could pay real dollars for and as a result learn absolutely nothing additional about the show?

They went deep down the rabbit hole. Fortunately, as we know today, that phase was short-lived.


One step down a rocky road

Brandon sent me an e-mail Thursday morning letting me know he’d starting seeing someone. An hour later, it was live on Facebook, meaning it’s o-fficial. I’m not gonna lie, it was a surprise. And not the fun kind, like a birthday party with all your friends hiding behind your couch– more like a dagger to stomach? Surprise! But after thinking it over for a couple days, I know what I sort of knew the moment I read it; this is a good thing.

We broke up three months ago, and we are still friends, or at least friendly. There’s not much more I could ask for in the aftermath of the dissolving of a five year relationship. I want him to be happy; he wants the same for me. We are adults now. I was 18 when we started dating and now that I am 24 and we aren’t together anymore, a lot has changed. We were not right for each other. We were, at the very least, okay together, and he was my best friend. I spent most of my waking (non-working) hours with him, laughed with him, shared with him. But that isn’t enough. That’s not the glue that holds you together, it’s only part of it. And I want him to find the element(s) missing from our relationship with someone else, even though it doesn’t feel great to type or think that belief.

There was only one other person I ever considered being in a relationship with other than Brandon, and he found someone else just weeks before Brandon and I broke up. I’d foolishly convinced myself he’d always be there, but the timing of all this leaves me without a doubt that we were never intended to be together. We will also never be friends again.

Brandon’s announcement is part of my process of moving on, even though it’s a difficult milestone. I was so afraid of being alone and I thought for sure being with my dear, wonderful friend was better than being without him. But as we know, that wasn’t fair to either of us. For the first time in a LONG time I am realizing that maybe the person out there for me is someone I’ve not yet met. How frustrating it is to think that! This, the plight of the single person, I suppose. As my dad told me when Brandon and I broke up the first time, nearly three years ago, “You need to go find yourself a nice, non-Muskingum boy and settle down.”

At the time, my Muskie bubble was the only reality I knew and his idea seemed like a fate worse than death; how on earth are you supposed to meet someone AFTER college, I thought. College is an ideal dating setting, but we become different people post graduation. We grow up. College relationships only work if two people are able to grow together. In most of my friends’ cases, this seems to be possible. But as someone who went through some pretty big life changes my last semester of school, I think I needed some time to hash through those changes and move forward before I could be selfless enough to let someone else into my life. I never gave myself that time, so that time is now.

Wish me luck, will you?

Look what I found

I came across a CD of the radio work I did in college. I listened to it and it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be. So I imported it, and I am making YouTube videos of them all so I can have them on the interwebs forever and ever. I’m glad the CD, the only known copy of my limited audio work, wasn’t all scratched to hell. Thank you, Radio Gods! And thanks to Muskingum University and the professors I had that made me work hard. I am really glad I have this now.

My dad will be so thrilled when I plaster his mug all over the radio interview I did with him about one of his books that came out that year. Woo hoo!

More to come.

Funk folk

When I was in college I had the privilege of not only knowing, but living with, the amazing person known as Levi Funk. He was one of the most fun people I knew in college; he was at the same time always with a sense of humor and yet able to be deadly serious when he saw you needed him to be. Also, he played guitar in his room and made up spontaneous songs about our housemates so he was especially enjoyable to be around (“Meryl, yeah, she is writing a paper…”).

Harmonica and guitar – at the same time

Also, small world: I went last night because I saw on Levi’s Facebook that he was in town. My friends Becca and James saw it and decided to go too and we sat together at the show. Incidentally, Eileen and Levi went to high school together, AND he works at WHIZ with a girl I went to high school with. I guess that’s southeastern Ohio for you.

At last night’s show, which was at The Shrunken Head (formerally Victorian’s Midnight Cafe), we heard at least half a dozen very young, local musicians. The only woman we saw perform was the benefactor of the night’s event. She is raising money to help fund a trip to Uganda to make a documentary. You can follow this project’s progress on its Facebook page. I also bought Levi’s CD (a steal at $5) so I am looking forward to listening to that.

On top of getting to see James, Becca and Levi in one place on a Monday night, it was a pretty good time.

Woo hoo!

Over the holidays, a couple of very awesome people agreed to marry each other. B.C. (see under “The Usual Suspects”) popped the question to my former roomie and college buddy Christina. On a cruise! She was blindsided. The story sounded very exciting and the way they told their family adorable: They gift wrapped the frame seen below for their respective families to open at Christmas.

This scrapbooking extraordinaire already has her Save The Date (STD) cards taken care of

I met up with the bride-to-be after work last night to hear all about the planning thus far, and she asked me to be a bridesmaid. I’m pretty excited to get to be a part of their big day. Not to mention the dress that comes along with the whole package is super cute. Last night I thanked Christina for not putting us in hideous dresses, as brides are sometimes wont to do.

Congrats to B.C. and Christina! Let the count down begin.


A while ago I mentioned a couple of my actors who are involved in a local improv troupe, “See You Thursday”. They performed a couple shows at Wild Goose Creative last month and I caught their Dec. 18 gig. It was about an hour long, pseudo-holiday themed and highly entertaining. I talked to one of the guys after and told him how much fun it looked like they were having. He encouraged me to sign up for the intro class they’ll be teaching, starting January 9. On an improv high, I agreed that this would be a spectacular idea.

Long story short, I start a six week class on beginner improvisational performance this Saturday.

Normally this is the point where I’d try to drag every one of you down, *ahem*,  encourage you all to come with me, but I seriously think if there was anyone there I knew I would vomit on stage. However, I am happy to blog my exploits here for you to be entertained by, and for you to feel extremely awkward and sorry for me. We used to do “Improv Night” at the BACCHUS House in college and play games from “Who’s Line” and I was terrible at that. Hopefully in a class setting I will actually learn something about improv before going anywhere near a spotlight. At the end of the class, there’s a two-day work shop in February with actors from the Annoyance theater in Chicago, which sounds pretty awesome. Hopefully I’ll be feeling somewhat more confident by then.

It’s been a while since I had a regular thing to blog about besides my weight and writer’s block, so let’s consider this a good thing, shall we?

Exciting new project coming to Plum St.

Last week I proclaimed I would write ten pages of one of my screenplay ideas before this Friday. I ended up going home and doing it that night. I even started with my opening scene. So far, of my college script idea, I have a freshman girl being dropped off in front of a dorm, meeting her new roommate, taking a first-year tour, and meeting with her adviser. It sounds terribly boring now that I’ve put it like that, but hopefully the script itself is much more entertaining. I will be out of town for work tomorrow night but maybe I can get a few more pages done Thursday evening.

On Friday, I’ll be heading down to Cincinnati for one night only to help shoot Plum St.’s second commercial for KT’s Barbecue and Deli. This time, they’re getting paid. If you do good work for cheap (or even free) and show you’re committed to doing the best you can, you can prove yourself to a client who might be inclined to keep you on board long term and reward you for your efforts. Plum St. is demonstrating this excellently. Additionally, the guys ordered their brand new camera online last night, so on Friday I get to bring my baby back home!

Plum St. has more than commercial work lined up; two of their writers created a web series, and it’s pretty awesome. Much like “Paper Cuts,” this web series has a background in journalism. And lucky for it, Plum St. is actually hiring. The production company gave “Superhero Issues” the green light last week and we were all sent drafts of the first five episodes to write notes for. I’ve been wanting to read the scripts ever since I heard about the project and now that I have, I am pleased to say it will make for an extremely fun project. There’s a lot of wordplay in the writing and I hope the guys can find actors with the talent (and especially the comedic timing) to pull their well-written jokes off. Also, Brian asked me if I would be interested in guest directing one of the eight episodes, so if that pans out I’ll be even more enthused. More details to come.