Lots and lots of video

I am editing a couple videos for the Summit Workshop tonight as well as a video of Christina’s bridal shower from a couple weeks ago. The thing about video editing, which I love to do, is that if you don’t edit something right away, it kind of bogs you down when you finally get around to doing it. It catches up with you, weighs you down and when you think about how MUCH you have to edit you feel too overwhelmed to begin. And so, something you love becomes a chore. And that’s pretty much defeating the point. In other words, I am going to try to be better about editing stuff very shortly after I shoot it. I don’t want another “Beacon Alley” on my hands; I waited until all the footage was shot (about six hours) before editing a frame of it. What a nightmare.

On the other hand, with “Paper Cuts,” I pretty much edited as I went; the downside was, I was so excited to finish an episode that I’d almost immediately post it to YouTube. Then I’d watch it later and notice some editing flaws and wish I’d waited a day or two so I could go back with fresh eyes and get it right before sharing it.

That said, the other day I edited a better (and shorter) version of “Where Are Eileen, Liz and Meryl?” and sat on it for a couple days before uploading. Check it out if you get the chance.

I am also excited about a new writing project that has come my way; a friend at work wants to produce a short or web series with me, so we are working together on a political satire. It’s probably going to be about a campaign worker who moves to a small town to help elect a mayoral candidate only to discover the campaign office is in complete disarray and the candidate is an idiot. It should be fun. I want to write it and cast it by the end of July. We’ll see if that actually happens.

I have not been to my writer’s group since before I went on vacation. I really didn’t see myself keeping up with them after I moved but I still feel like a flake. Moving has changed my scene a little bit since I’m a lot farther from campus/Clintonville, but on the other hand I’ve got to spend so much time with my family. I’ve even gone to Caldwell twice this month and it looks like I’ll be going back for Saturday night. I had to make a list of my priorities recently and I knew some stuff had to go; the writer’s group seems to be a casualty of this decision, sadly. Maybe I’ll go back and visit one night.

Things I have learned in the past week

A list:

  • Closet organization and the consolidation of one’s material possessions is an art form.
  • Babies sometimes have nightmares. Isn’t that weird?
  • I live 7 miles further from work than I used to, but it really doesn’t take much longer to get there.
  • My sister-in-law is about ten times better than I am at the drums on Rock Band.
  • I don’t get much done when there’s two friends/family members and an adorable infant around.

Brief update on life

I have been back from the trip I’ve yet to write about for almost a week and a half. I have a saved draft detailing it all, but I can’t finish it yet. So instead I’ll write a little about everything else.

I live with my brother and sister-in-law now outside the city. Owen and I plan to start carpooling to work soon and I’ve been trying to help out around the house. I’ve been able to entertain my niece a lot which is pretty much the best thing ever.

I have been out of the apartment for a week now. It’s odd not living there anymore but I am also glad to see my family so much. I have been getting up earlier around here too, and actually getting some things done in the morning. I even did my Jillian Michaels DVD for the first time since my trip. The time lapse was evident; that workout was brutal.

I did the 30 Day Shred for three weeks in June. I can’t brag about losing a whole lot of weight with it, but I did notice some nice toning with my arms. That is a big deal to me, believe me.

I went to my home town for the Fourth of July and it looks like I’ll be going home this weekend, too. My friend in Alaska is visiting.

The streak has been broken

So I totally forgot to blog last night which meant I broke my streak of blogging every weeknight for like two months. Whoops.

I am about to begin a crazy weekend, and yes, I realize it’s only Wednesday. Tomorrow I have to get ready for it all. I’ve been busting my butt at work getting stuff out the door by Friday since I leave for vacation after that. I have to pack boxes tomorrow and make some food for our final Classic Cinema Society gathering Friday night, or at least final one with all three founding members. While we watch our last movie together in Rachel’s living room I’ll be sprawled on the floor surrounded by wrapping paper and gift receipts because this weekend I have the following:

  • Christina’s bridal shower
  • Hannah’s first birthday party
  • Fathers’ Day

And I’ll be wrapping away. I made some cards last night so I’ve been making preparations in pieces, anyway.

I had a pretty good day today. I was productive all day and then tonight I got to see Jessie, who I hadn’t seen in like a month or something crazy like that, and we had a great conversation outside in the nice weather. She offered to help me move when I get back from California and I just wanted to hug her because I had no idea how the heck I was going to get my bed to my new room.

I haven’t seen Eileen in almost two weeks. I miss her already and she hasn’t even moved yet. But we’re going to have an awesome road trip, Eileen, Liz and I.

You guys are awesome

I thought I might regret that last post, but my friends’ comments totally took me out of that crappy mood. Also, my dad made me feel a lot better after he read it Saturday morning and talked to me when I got to his house. And here I thought no one read blogs on the weekend!

I had a great time in Caldwell and despite getting a LATE start back to Columbus, I managed to clean my entire apartment in time for a showing by my landlord tomorrow morning. AND I still did my Jillian Michaels DVD on top of that all-day work out.

More on the weekend’s events and conversations soon. I gotta get to bed before I pass out on my laptop.

2010: The year I lived with every family member possible

In the middle of my freak out last week over where the heck I’m going to live after July 1, my dad called with an idea. He suggested I ask my brother and sister-in-law if I could live with them for the summer.

It was a simple solution had been there the whole time, or at the very least, an option I’d never considered. I was really skeptical that they’d go for it; they were probably pretty used to having their house to themselves and, oh yeah, their infant. Just the same, I e-mailed Owen later that day and tried to sell the idea as best I could. I said I could pay rent and help out with the mortgage and watch Hannah if they wanted to go on a date night or go to the store. On Monday morning, he e-mailed back and said they were open to the idea, and added he and I could carpool! (We work within a mile of each other).

The idea of my rent, water, gas, internet and electric bills being rolled into one check is very appealing. Sharing the apartment and its costs with Brandon was just right for my budget; we split rent/water down the middle, I paid gas, he paid electric and internet. We used to alternate who paid for groceries, even. I’ve been able to pay all these utilities on my own, but it’s made saving difficult. Not to mention some car repairs and a plane ticket from California I dropped cash on recently. So, that’s what this summer will be about: saving, as well as making plans for the future.

Come the fall, I’ll need to either be ready to make some big changes or be willing to commit to signing another lease in the Short North somewhere with a roommate.

In other news, I’ve been doing the “30 Day Shred” DVD every day, except for Friday and Saturday. I should have done it Saturday, but I was lazy. However, maybe a second rest day the first week wasn’t such a bad idea. I’ve done it every day since then, so that’s 7 work outs in 9 days.

I contributed to a brainstorming session tonight for Shadowbox; they’re trying to come up with common Halloween candy and costumes that their evangelist character could deem evil and unholy. That was fun to play around with.

Brace yourself

I just submitted two sketch ideas to the Shadowbox online forum – a more generalized version of “The Hills” parody I described to my dad, and a sketch making fun of “Twilight.” It’s for the Halloween show, after all. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and I am feeling better about it all than I was 48 hours ago.

The day after my interview/confirmation of insanity, I was sent my personal login information for the writers’ team forum, where they share basic sketch ideas, outlines and drafts. There, the other writers will read, comment and give direction for an idea and the original writer (or another writer, if so inclined) will go from there and take the next step. I was encouraged to take other people’s ideas and work from them if I felt like I had a good direction to take it in.

On Friday after work, I pored over the sketch ideas already posted. I had mixed feelings about them as a whole; some, I thought to myself, were out of my league but there were some I felt I could have written and hopefully even improved on. This made me feel a little better, as if I was being told maybe I could belong to this team after all. Hours after I was accepted for this internship, my confidence took a nose dive and I began wondering what I had been thinking by even daring to ask for a role. My dad told me I don’t take criticism well, to which I snapped, “YES I DO”. Just kidding. I actually said in a whiny voice, “I think I’ve gotten better about that…”

I think he may be thinking of the time he once politely questioned my decision to major in journalism, when at the time I was hardly a news junkie. I accused him of saying I was simply not smart enough to be a reporter and promptly burst into tears in a canoe in the middle of a lake. It’s true – at that moment in my life, I was not terrible receptive to constructive criticism. However, to be fair, being judged by our parents, whom most strive hardest in their whole lives to appease, feels far worse than being criticized by anyone else on the planet. And besides, that was years ago. And look how far that journalism degree got me! …Oh, wait.

But, back to today. Confidence slightly restored, I resigned myself to submitting at least two ideas, since the head writer had e-mailed and requested two outlines by the end of this coming week. Much like in college, when I couldn’t *possibly* write a boring paper when my half of the room was dirty (remember when you were confined to/responsible for only half of a room?), I couldn’t bring myself to submit any sketch ideas with a sink full of dishes. That is why I am announcing this pitiful accomplishment at 10 p.m. on Sunday night. This has been my weekend.

Well, the rest of my weekend has mostly been made up of me talking to other people about how very excited I am to have the chance to show my stuff as a sketch comedy writer – there was little sketch comedy writing involved until very recently. I went to a going-away party for a couple Muskingum friends who are moving out of state in two weeks. There were lots of people there, only four of whom I knew prior to, but I really enjoyed meeting all those new people last night and talking to them. Seth and Amy have cultivated a pretty awesome circle of friends in their time in Columbus. I am sure they are sad to leave them for the time being.

Today, I picked up Owen and Jamie at the airport and ended up spending a good part of the day with Owen. Sadly, Jamie had to head to her hometown because her uncle passed away while they were on vacation, which they were afraid might happen. Owen picked up their cat, which I watched while they were away, and he bought me pizza for my cat-watching troubles. (Of which there were none.)

The weekend’s gone by way too fast, as usual, but I’ve got plenty going on this week. Aside from trying to convey sketch premises as non-idiotic ideas, I’ll be shooting more footage for the Summit Workshop on Tuesday and doing a wedding related video on Thursday. Bonus: I get to see B.C. and Christina as a result of Thursday’s plans. Hooray!

Look what I found

I came across a CD of the radio work I did in college. I listened to it and it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be. So I imported it, and I am making YouTube videos of them all so I can have them on the interwebs forever and ever. I’m glad the CD, the only known copy of my limited audio work, wasn’t all scratched to hell. Thank you, Radio Gods! And thanks to Muskingum University and the professors I had that made me work hard. I am really glad I have this now.

My dad will be so thrilled when I plaster his mug all over the radio interview I did with him about one of his books that came out that year. Woo hoo!

More to come.