Draft of budget for web series

This is the budget I submitted to Aryeh after working on it last night. If anyone has access to any of the materials, equipment or props listed, or would be interested in donating a snack or two for a filming day, you would be my hero.

Budget for The Candidate (Tentative Title)


  1. Monitor to have on set: free, if borrowed; or $70 on Tiger Direct, 14”. $133 on Amazon, 17”.
  2. Lighting equipment and panels; free, if I can find crew who already has equipment.

If not, get the following from Cord Camera or other retailer:

  • Collapsible reflectors, $28
  • White lighting umbrella, $39
  • Lighting, $140

Ghetto lighting options, as very last resort:

  • Flood lights; Home Depot/Lowe’s, $30 (if we get these, we will still need the lighting umbrella to soften these lights as they are haaarsh. Also they get really hot and can set things on fire if you aren’t vigilant.)
  • White sheets of poster board for reflectors
Subtotal: ~$300 max

Materials / Props:

  1. Lots of office supplies, including staplers, loose paper, paper clips, pens, inbox/outbox trays, etc.: Free, if borrowed. Allow $30 for incidentals.
  2. At least two clipboards: $8
  3. One giant campaign yard sign: $35 on VistaPrint
  4. Wooden posts for giant yard sign: $20
  5. Several smaller yard signs: 8 for $60 on VistaPrint
  6. A plain beer cozy: Target, less than $5
  7. Coffee mugs printed with character’s name on it: 2 for ~$20 on VistaPrint
  8. Office decor, like motivational posters: $50
  9. Water balloons and nerf guns: balloons, less than $5; nerf guns provided by producer
  10. Prop framed newspaper clippings: Free, provided by me
  11. Three small desks with chairs (depending on venue’s offerings): Free, if borrowed
  12. Prop laptops: Free, provided by actors or producer and director
  13. Prop glasses for character: less than $5
  14. Lunch boxes/bags with lunches: Free, provided by me
  15. First aid kit, gauze: less than $5
  16. Cell phones: free, provided by actors/crew
Subtotal: $250

Food and drink on set:

  1. Allocate $20 per day of filming, for 8 days of filming: $160
  2. Wrap party: $50

Subtotal: $210

Total: ~$740 max

We can go under budget with this sucker.